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Preventing Falls

Preventing Falls

Accidents are always unexpected, and it can even happen in your own home. Falls are one of the most common accidents that can happen at home and one cause of injuries in seniors. Falls can result in many types of injuries such as fractures, cuts, and serious head injuries, which can be fatal if not treated immediately. It can be a very traumatic experience for your senior loved ones.

Compassionate Lucy’s Senior Home Care is a home care provider in Minnesota, and we don’t want these types of accidents to happen to your loved ones at home. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that can help reduce the risk of falls at home. And this doesn’t have to involve an entire house remodel. Of course, that can be an option if you have the budget, but let’s think practically. Here are a few basic changes that will absolutely keep your senior loved ones safe at home:

  • Remove tripping hazards
    Look for things that might contribute to falls and remove them immediately.
  • Clean up clutter
    Keeping your home clean is the simplest way to prevent falls.
  • Install grabs bars
    Grabs bars and handrails are highly recommended to prevent slipping inside the bathroom.
  • Ensure proper lighting
    Make sure that all of your rooms are bright so that your loved ones can have a better view of the area.
  • Consider help from others
    Hiring caregivers is a good option. They can assist your loved ones in walking, climbing the stairs, or going inside the bathroom.

If you ever need the services of home care, you can call us at 651-242-3935. We offer our services in the twin cities and it’s surrounding areas.

We’ll do our best to satisfy your personal care needs and improve your quality of life.

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