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How to be a More Effective Family Caregiver

How to be a More Effective Family Caregiver

Providing personal care to a family member delivers many emotional rewards, but it can also bring many struggles and challenges. You may be burned out at times, feeling like you’re drowning in responsibilities coupled with feelings of anxiety and guilt. This is normal, but if you won’t do anything about it, your stress can increase your risk of many health issues.

To help you be a more effective caregiver and better take care of yourself, we have listed some caregiving tips you can apply in your life.

  • Build some ‘me time’ into your schedule.
    Caregivers often tell themselves that they don’t have time to enjoy or relax for a while. But there are resources to which you can turn to, such as respite care services. You can bring in some professional care from a home care provider in Minnesota like us here at Compassionate Lucy’s Senior Home Care.
  • Keep track of your health.
    When was your last checkup? Are you living healthily? We know your life is busy, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Visit your doctor to make sure you’re healthy.
  • Get enough exercise and eat a healthy diet.
    Many fitness apps provide exercise routines from 15 to 30 minutes, so take advantage of them. For your diet, you can make a healthy meal plan for at least a week, prepare them in advance, and store them properly in your fridge.
  • Connect with others.
    Make sure to share your feelings to prevent them from piling up. You can share it with family and friends, a caregiver support group—either in person or online.

We are committed to providing home care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, as well as in the twin cities and surrounding areas. Contact us today for your home care needs!

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