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How Seniors Can Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome

How Seniors Can Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome is not a clinical diagnosis. It is a phenomenon where parents experience mixed emotions, usually feelings of loss or sadness, as the last child leaves or about to leave home. Home Care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota understands how hard this can be for aging parents. Letting go isn’t a little thing, so here are ways to help cope with being a new empty-nester:

  • Accept the timing
    You may inevitably compare your timeline with your children’s time of leaving home and parents. Avoid this as well as insisting your expectations. Home Care Provider in Minnesota recommends that you rather focus on helping your children to succeed when they do leave home.
  • Continue the communication
    Take advantage of technology. There are plenty of ways you can continue getting in touch with them even when you’re living apart—video chats, phone calls, texts, or emails. You can also visit them from time to time. If you aren’t that technology savvy, you can opt for caregivers’ support for these things.
  • Seek support
    Share your feelings with close friends or loved ones who also have children who already left home. If you think you are depressed, seek immediate help from a doctor, a mental health physician, or a home care professional.
  • Stay positive
    Adapt to this major life change by thinking about and expending your energy on other things, such as in your interests or marriage.

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