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Tips to Help Seniors Manage their Medications at Home


When we age, it is common for physicians to prescribe several medications to manage different conditions. For a senior, this may result in a series of medications with a complex set of instructions. Without a home care provider in Minnesota, medication management can be highly daunting.

However, medication management is a critical part of aging well and is essential to treat various conditions and manage their accompanying symptoms. Likewise, we have prepared a few tips to help seniors manage their medications better:

  • Set up daily reminders
    Avoid completely relying on your loved one’s ability to give medication reminders – even if they have a good memory. It always helps to have a medication reminder by way of a phone app, an in-home caregiver, or even a sticky note attached in a visible area like the refrigerator. This is particularly helpful during instances where they might forget.
  • Designate a space for medications
    Gather your loved one’s over-the-counter meds, supplements, and prescription medication into one space. This may be a bedside table or a shelf, just make sure it’s visible and accessible. Segregate the medicine by type and add labels with instructions to make it easier to remember.
  • Get additional help
    Many home care providers offer assistance with medication adherence. Aside from personal care or hospice, home care agencies can help your loved one remember to take their medicine to ensure optimal health.

Compassionate Lucy’s Senior Home Care is your go-to provider of home care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, including the twin cities and their surrounding areas. To help your loved one, our caregivers offer daily reminders to ensure they take their medicine at the right dosage and frequency. Call us or email us at to learn more about this service.

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