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Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors: Benefits and Examples


Daily exercise is critical at any age. It helps us stay fit, gain more energy throughout the day, and even prevents certain diseases. However, exercising regularly is a daunting and challenging task for many seniors. Without the aid of a home care provider in Minnesota, most seniors live a sedentary lifestyle.

The solution here is a low-impact workout. Low-impact activities are particularly beneficial to seniors as they target four main categories: flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. In addition to personal care, a home aide can assist with low-impact exercises to help lower the risk of heart disease, improve mobility, and reduce inflammation in the joints.

Here are good examples of low-impact exercises:

  • Water Aerobics
    Otherwise known as swimming, water aerobics are considered a no-impact workout due to the buoyancy of the water counteracting gravity. For this reason, water aerobics is an excellent exercise option for seniors experiencing joint or back pain. This activity also has a lower risk of injury due to falls or slips.
  • Yoga
    Yoga is a mind-body activity that utilizes breathing techniques. It aids in improving the core muscles to increase stability and coordination. With the use of postures and breathing exercises, yoga is also highly effective in reducing stress and boosting one’s mood.
  • Walking
    Walking may not seem like much but going for daily walks with caregivers can have several health benefits for seniors. Going for a walk is excellent for overall body conditioning and endurance. What’s more, it’s gentle on the back and is a leisurely activity too.

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