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Showing Independence through Light Housekeeping


For many of us, our grandparents and parents have been strong figures that guided us to who and where we are today. They taught us many things, from simple household chores to the basics of learning and the qualities and characteristics that describe us today. One of those is independence. A quality they have that a home care provider in Minnesota wants them to keep.

To help them maintain a sense of independence and control in their life, have your elderly loved one do light housekeeping. Light housekeeping includes preparing some of the meals, like dinner. Changing the bed sheets and linen is also a good household chore they can take on. Another task is light gardening and keeping the houseplants and some outdoor plants alive and beautiful.

Letting them have a hand and make decisions with their personal care is a definite way for them to assert their independence and control. And we here at Compassionate Lucy’s Senior Home Care are happy to let our clients be cooperative and coordinate with us with their care. And if light housekeeping is a way for them to do it, we will support them there, too. Our staff will gladly take over the other light housekeeping chores that pose little to no risk for danger and health issues towards them.

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