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Rapid Interventions to Various Health Needs


There are times when we can never expect health emergencies. This is common for individuals living alone, especially seniors. Seniors with mobility issues tend to have difficulty caring for themselves. As such, they are more prone to declining health and poor nutrition.

If not catered to immediately, this poor lifestyle can lead to grievous health consequences that need acute or long-term care.

As proactive providers of home care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, Compassionate Lucy’s Senior Home Care offers acute care services for seniors and families in need. This service is designed to provide clients with active short-term care or treatment for severe illness, injury, routine health problems, or acute exacerbation of chronic illness.

Being your trusted home care provider in Minnesota, we have well-trained and experienced caregivers who can provide you with an individualized care plan to help restore, maintain, and improve your overall health and stability. Some of the services they can provide are:

  • Rapid intervention to prevent disability, worsening of the condition, or death
  • IV therapy for essential medications which cannot be taken orally or the client cannot take orally
  • Hourly assessment to ensure a desirable response to treatment

Acute care in the home provides consumers with the opportunity to receive care in a familiar, comfortable setting where they can sleep in their own beds, wear their own clothes, and be surrounded by family and friends. Anxiety and tension are also reduced in a familiar atmosphere.

This is why acute care is such a great addition to a person’s care plan. Aside from professional personal care, clients can receive timely assistance to ensure their wellness at home.

To learn more about our care, feel free to get in touch with our team today. Please give our office lines a call at 651-242-3935 or dial Elizabeth directly, our contact person, at 651-242-0954 for immediate attention.

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