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Nervous Breakdown and Taking Care of Ourselves

Nervous Breakdown and Taking Care of Ourselves

A nervous or mental breakdown is a term used to describe a period of intense mental distress. It is used to refer to a wide variety of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. During this period, our ability to function in activities of daily living and coping with life’s challenges become difficult sometimes to the point where it can be impaired and the stress becomes intolerable.

Symptoms include but not limited to depression, panic attacks, or PTSD, and from high blood pressure to dizziness to name a few. Talking to your doctor and making an appointment with your primary Home Care Provider in Minnesota for a complete physical examination to ensure your overall health is not contributing to symptoms but are ways to provide solutions for this illness.

Alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms can be done through companionship as this fills the gap of loneliness. It also attains the need for social interaction with other people, giving a sense of happiness and camaraderie.

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