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How to Convince Your Aging Parents to Accept Home Care

How to Convince Your Aging Parents to Accept Home Care

Persuading our elderly parents to accept home care is most often met with resistance for several reasons. It could be that they see the aid of a home care professional as a threat to their independence, an invasion of privacy, discomfort, or that it’s simply not needed. Here are ways to persuade them:

  • Convince the more self-sufficient partner.
    Talk with your more independent parent about how much their spouse can benefit from the assistance of home care in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.
  • Suggest simple caregiver help.
    Let them know that they’re hiring caregivers for their convenience with regard to household chores or simple personal tasks as this will usually sound non-threatening to their independence.
  • Start with short-term care.
    Suggest temporary respite—that it’s not them but you needing such a short-term break. This can serve as a trial but most likely can lead to a long-term commitment.
  • Call upon a trusted professional.
    Seek the help of a professional whom your elderly parent knows for a long-time and esteems so highly such as from a home care provider in Minnesota. They might be even most willing to accept advice from them.
  • Give them clear choices.
    You have their best interests at heart, so if your loved ones keep on resisting, you might have to give them an ultimatum. Make their choices clear such as whether they’re staying at home with assistance or relocating to a care facility.

Compassionate Lucy’s Senior Home Care can help in many ways from persuading your loved ones to accept home care to provide them with personal care while maintaining their independence.

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